Odoo  Implementation

Proven Odoo ERP Implementation Methodology

Our Odoo Implementation Stages

At ASASAT Advanced Systems, we implement your project through professional stages to guarantee building great solution for your business and have you satisfied with our solutions and services:

Business Gap Analysis


Development & Customization


Installation & Deployment


Odoo Configuration




Go Live


Support and Maintenance

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Business Gap Analysis

GAP analysis is  firist and important stage to identify and suggest the ways for your business to bridge the gap between 'As is' and 'To be'. 

We do GAP analysis in  serious meetings  with business decision makers to gather  requirements  and suggests the changes and steps to bring in these changes, so that you get ERP system benefits in full.

Odoo Development & Customization

The second stage  after gathering your business requirements is to develop and customize your ERP system (If needed) to help your company meets its user requirements  and to provide you great business experience. 

We use Agile methodology and scrum process in development stage to save your time and money and give you the result you want.

Our experienced Odoo developers always ready to develop clean code and integrate it your Odoo source code to guarantee perfect and smooth system workflow in your digital company.


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Odoo Installation & Deployment

Once all requirements are ready, our technical developers will install and deploy your system on your dedicated cloud server we provide you.

ASASAT cloud is well designed for deploying your system with great features to give your smart business environment. 

Odoo Configuration

Our certified Odoo Techno-Functional expertise can help you to configure your digital company sittings based on your business requirement and workflows in efficient way to guarantee flawless business operations. 


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Odoo • Image and Text


Functional and Technical Odoo training mandatory for your team to know how to manage your business in the right way using the System.

Our certified Odoo consultants will create your Odoo training program for each department of your company to add value to your team.

Our training program can be held in your office or online training using Skype.


Go Live

In this stage of the Odoo implementation project we ensure that all requirements have been covered to ensure a smooth transition onto the new business system.

It is at this time that all tasks on the project plan have been completed, all users trained, all processes re-engineered, and the final data migration/conversion is performed.


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Odoo • Image and Text

Support and Maintenance

Our support are always available to handle any kind of queries or help required starting from day 1 of go-live to make sure that all support tickets are handled and resolved with quick turnaround time.

Customer can open a ticket and raise the issue from our website HELP and our first line support will fix the issue on time. The customer can also reach us by dialing customer support number. 

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